Shipping / Delivery / Ordering

Shipping Carriers Used and Shipping TAT

The Charity Box offers shipping via USPS. Our normal TAT on orders placed during our monthly sale is 2-3 weeks, this can sometimes increase to 2-4 weeks. We are normally able to ship orders within the 2-3 weeks but our shipping times are pending our receipt of all brands shipments to our headquarters (Sometimes there are carrier delays that are beyond our control, some brands are located internationally and shipping has a longer road to travel to reach us). We do always strive to meet that 2-3 week mark though. If your order contains an item that hasn’t been received by headquarters yet your order will see a short delay until it arrives. If a brand’s shipment is severely delayed we will contact you  with further options as to not delay the rest of your order. 


Damaged/Missing Items

If you receive your order and have any issues with damage or missing items please email us immediately to let us know. If your item(s) are damaged please be prepared to send photos of those items in your email to us. 


Shipping Carrier Issues (Shipment & Deliveries)

If your order shows as delivered and has not been received by you we recommend contacting USPS immediately to report the loss. USPS Priority mail does come with a standard $50 of insurance coverage if your package is lost /stolen/damaged. If you contact The Charity Box regarding a missing package we will offer as much help as possible but it is not the responsibility of The Charity Box to replace any items due to a USPS delivery issue however if we can help we will certainly do what we are able to. If your shipping address was input incorrectly on your order and we receive it back you will be asked to kindly pay the shipping fee to reship it to the correct address. 


Combining/Cancelling Orders

The Charity Box does not currently combine orders. If you are wanting to add additional items please send us an email to add to your existing order. We are working on a solution to this and plan on having that in place by early 2022. If you’ve placed an order and would like to cancel you can do so only during the sale but we will have to charge the fees that we are charged by our payment processor for the transaction. After the sale has ended we are not able to cancel any orders due to the preorder platform of The Charity Box.